Firewall your Exchange 2007 server

Software that is not reachable, can't be hacked. Easy as that. So if you have an cloud-based anti-spam/anti-virus filter, you can block your smtp server for badguys.

In my situation, I'm using a Windows 2008 SBS server with Exchange 2007.

  1. Start wf.msc
  2. Go to inbound rules
  3. Find MSExchangeTransportWorker and double-click it to open the properties
  4. On the tab "scope", select "These IP addresses" and add the following IPs: 'Local subnet',,, fe80::/16
  5. Also add the IPs of your anti-spam servers as well
  6. Then click OK
  7. Don't forget to check that the changes actually work by both checking an IP that can connect and one that doesn't
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