Enable web access to VMWare ESX 4

The first time I tried to access the VMWare ESX 4 web client, I got this 503 Service unavailable error, which made me think I broke something. But on the second install, I got the exact same message.

While this is not important for most Windows users, as a Linux user I need this entry as there is no vSphere client for Linux.

In a default installation VMWare ESX 4.0 appears not to be running all required daemons to connect to the web client.

So what to do?

  • Log on to the server over SSH (console access)
  • Type service vmware-webAccess status to check the current status of the webAccess daemon
  • Type service vmware-webAccess start to start the webAccess daemon
  • run /sbin/chkconfig –level 345 vmware-webAccess on to make webAccess start automatically on booting the ESX server
  • Make sure to firewall the ESX management to prevent abuse.
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