VMWare Data Recovery is crap

VMWare Data Recovery is crap:

  • VMWare Data Recovery cannot be monitored and does not send out any warnings.
  • Running one instance of VMWare Data Recovery is too heavy for the appliance, causing the backups to be corrupted all the time
  • When running multiple instances of VMWare Data Recovery, say one instance per host, the whole thing is still slow as hell
  • Every few weeks, one backup gets corrupted. Of course the appliance does not notify you, no, instead you must login to the appliance to check the logs.
  • When you find a backup that is corrupted, you need to manually flag the restore point as "marked for deletion" and then start the integrity check.
  • When doing the integrity check, better pray that none of the other instances starts using the same nas/fileserver, as it gets so slow that the whole integrity check never gets completed.
  • I just tried to split the backups to multiple destinations, so that we can backup each virtual machine to its very own destination, and reduce the shitload of work the integrity check has to do when another backup is broken. Appears that VMWare Data Recovery only supports 2 destination per appliance instance.

I seriously consider VMWare Data Recovery to be the worst backup solution I've ever used.

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6 comments on “VMWare Data Recovery is crap”

  1. I've been using the VDR appliance since June and I have consistantly had to recreate my backup jobs on a bi-weekly basis due to integrity checks that will run forever (and can't be scheduled) or failed/locked jobs for no apparent reason. I won't even get started with how slow it is.

    I have a relatively small application of 2 jobs with 2 share destinations (both =<500gb, as recommended by VMWare) and can't imagine using it to any greater extent. I spend way too much of my time monitoring VMWare to make sure backups are successful.

    I'll second you on the "..Worst backup solution I've ever used" comment. I'm seriously wondering if they even tested it before release.

  2. That is true, even VDR 2.0 is one of the most buggy and ridiculous commercial solution in it's class. One has the impression that the developers were sitting in a bunker on a remote island for the last 50 years and have never heard anything about monitoring, reporting, error checking, automated tasks and stuff like that. One of the most ridiculous things is the fact that frequently indexing fails and you even need to manually remove broken restore points... WTF ?????? Are there only lunatics sitting at this company ??? And oh well, from time to time backup jobs just stop... vmware's problem solution... "please reboot your appliance" ...

    I really wonder why nobody sues this company as they sell a product that simply does not work anywhere near to it's advertized capabilities.

  3. vmware datarecovery appliance 2.0 ist the f*uckin worst crap i have ever wasted my time on...stay away from it

  4. After playing around with data recovery 2.0 for a few months, I must say it has improved a LOT!
    It still stinks, but at least, now it only breaks once a month instead of once a day.

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  6. Totally agree with that, it's the worst crap ever...
    I still hope one day they have a release a version with a lot of improvements, and which is less buggy!!!
    I hope these things improve: add more destinations, less failed or corrupt backups, delete failed backups without doing the integrity check every time over and over, notifications, ...

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