HylaFax needs fonts

Trying to use HylaFax on CentOS 6, I got the following message:

/usr/sbin/textfmt: No font metric information found for "Courier-Bold".
Usage: /usr/sbin/textfmt [-1] [-2] [-B] [-c] [-D] [-f fontname] [-F fontdir(s)] [-m N] [-o #] [-p #] [-r] [-U] [-Ml=#,r=#,t=#,b=#] [-V #] files... >out.ps
Default options: -f Courier -1 -p 11bp -o 0
Error converting data; command was "/usr/sbin/textfmt -B -f Courier-Bold        -Ml=0.4in -p 11 -s default

This means that the font Courier-Bold is not installed on the system. On my CentOS 6 installation, I got it working by performing the following actions:

  • adding /usr/share/enscript/afm to both FontMap: and FontPath: in /etc/hylafax/hyla.conf
  • run sed -i "s/Courier-Bold/cob/g" /etc/hylafax/typerules
  • also, you need to install the package enscript: yum -y install enscript
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