Android: Calendar items set to tentative

Yay, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy SII. Great phone running Android!

There's just one thing that annoys the shit out of me: When I create a new agenda item in my google agenda, it shows up in my thunderbird as "tentative". These items will have a lower opacity, which makes the agenda harder to read.

I've google'd around, and found a lot of complaints about this problem, but there's no solution to make appointments confirmed right away. And I'm definitely not opening all items in thunderbird to confirm them by hand.

There's a simple solution to this problem: I made Thunderbird render the agenda differently. Using the file userChrome.css, I set opacity to 100%. (If you don't know what userChrome.css is, read this page at The actual CSS is:
opacity: 1 !important;

Restart thunderbird and you're done.

This "solution" does not set any appointments to "confirmed". It just renders tentative appointments the same as confirmed items, so that you don't see the difference anymore.

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