Konsole is hiding underscores

Today I upgraded my Fedora 15 installation to Fedora 16 with KDE 4.7.4. Although it was a pretty smooth transition this time, there were a few problems. One of them was that Konsole 4.7.4-2.fc16 was hiding underscores, which is pretty annoying when you're programming.

How the hell are you supposed to code when half of the characters is invisible?

I'm more than happy to report that I fixed it. On the profile's page "advanced" you find the option "Enable Bi-Directional text rendering". Enabling this option fixed the problem immediately.

Google'ing, I found a few pages that say this is specific to a combination of intel or nouveau driver + specific fonts + Qt 4.8.

Update: RedHat acknowledged the issue and released a fix: konsole 4.7.4-2.fc16. Update using yum update konsole

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