Change VMWare Data Recovery 2.0 report mail

As I may have mentioned before VMWare Data Recovery is not my favorite backup solution. I'm pleased to report that VDR2.0 is a LOT better than 1.x ever was. Since upgrading, my backups haven't failed once. And it even has a built-in email reporting system.

Unfortunately, this mail system isn't too customizable. Since I'd like my subjects to be clear they need extra attention, I made a little fix. This script is started by socat.

Install socat

Socat handles incoming connections on port 25 for me.
rpm -i

Get my script

cd /usr/local/bin ; wget
You should put your own mailserver in the script on line 7.

Start it automatically

echo "socat TCP4-LISTEN:25,fork EXEC:/usr/local/bin/ &" >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local

Now change your settings

Change the outgoing mailserver to localhost and test it. If everything's ok, you'll get a mail with 1 warning and 2 error-message, as the test-mail doesn't contain the fields that indicate no backups failed.


The iptables firewall does not allow incoming connections to port 25, so you will not become an open relay using this script.

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