Minimize Google Talk at startup

Google Talk has a function to automatically start on boot. However, it cannot minimalize automatically. To run Google Talk minimized by default, you'll need to use some external software.


I'm using a tool named cmdow to do the hiding for me. Cmdow is an extremely useful tool for showing, hiding, minimizing, resizing and closing windows. Unfortunately, some malware uses this functionality as well. Therefore, your virusscanner may tag cmdow as malware, but it actually isn't.


Google Talk starts 'on boot'. Just a few seconds later we need to run the cmdow command. To do this, we create a .bat file in the Startup folder.

@echo off
rem The next line hides the batch file execution
cmdow @ /hid
rem The next line delays the batch exec for 4 seconds.
ping localhost
cmdow "Google Talk" /HID

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