Arrrrgh! Kill it! Kill wp_attempt_focus with fire!

Somewhere around version 2.8.4 or something, WordPress introduced a "feature" to focus the username form and wipe the username. I dont want to type my username every time again and again and again. So what can we do to kill wp_attempt_focus? There is no hook available to disable that part of the code, but we can use some dirty tricks:

I created the following 'plugin' to get rid of it:
function kill_wp_attempt_focus($in){
return preg_replace('/function wp_attempt_focus/','function wp_attempt_focus(){} function wp_attempt_focus_killed',$in);

It grabs the output of /wp-login.php, renames the original wp_attempt_focus() to wp_attempt_focus_killed() and creates a new empty function to prevent errors.

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