WordPress timezone problems: fixed

I'm using WordPress as a framework for a website that reaches over 30.000 readers daily over several media. Some over the web, but most users receive posts by mail, sms or twitter using custom-made plugins. Since I can't have a broken mail sent to thousands of users, I rather don't upgrade WordPress, except when security issues have been found. Every single WordPress upgrade I've done has broken something, like when plugin hooks are renamed, and renamed back later....

Timezone support broken

After my latest upgrade, the sending queue got seriously screwed up. SMS messages that should have been sent around 8am, got send around midnight. Why? Because WordPress timezone support screws up the time!

WordPress gave me my WTF moment while testing with date(). I've been testing what was wrong, and came across a situation where a simple reload caused the timezone to shift 2 hours. This simple line of code echoed 1:30:00 at 1:30:00 while echoing 3:30:01 at 1:30:01:
<?php echo date("H:i:s"); ?>

This isn't such a problem for simple posts on a weblog, but for sending queued mail and sms messages this is fatal.

My solution

Screw WordPress. It'll get fixed in some future version of WordPress. For now I'll get a date I can actually trust from mysql:
$wpdb->getvar('select DATE_FORMAT(current_timestamp,"%H:%i:%s");');

I also replaced several other instances of date(), like:
"select * from wp_receipients where time_to_sent<".date("Hi")."'";
'select * from wp_receipients where time_to_sent<DATE_FORMAT(current_timestamp,"%H%i")';

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