Review: Belkin KVM Omniview 5216K – part 3

Tonight, it's time for part 3 of my Belkin Omniview IP 5216K KVM Switch

End 2010/begin 2011 I bought a Belkin KVM Omniview 5216K. When I first started to use is a few months later, it crashed so often that the device was useless. And if accidentilly, I could connect, keys got stuck so often that typing my username or password was absolutely impossible.

With one of the required reboots, the device finally died on june 17 of that year. After having to deal with a terrible helpdesk that answered things that resemble "so, your car crashed into a canyon? Have you tried to restart your car to fix this?" and weeks of waiting, it finally got replaced by a 32 port switch, the Belkin Omniview IP 5232K KVM Switch..

Since the new device has a new firmware, the stuck keys got a little better. But another problem came up. I just tried to login to the device. And I definitely used the right password. The device is only accessible over VPN, so it's very unlikely that someone else got access to the device. And last time, I had this problem, the device just needed a restart to recognise my password again.

Probably the internal authentication daemon has died or something.

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