SGS2: Silence the camera

  • Root your phone
  • Login through ssh, terminal or some other shell
  • Open the file /data/local.prop - this file may or may not exist
  • Add the following line to the file:
  • Reboot the phone

Now, if the phone is silent, the camera will be silent. But if the phone's volume is not turned down, you will still hear the camera. You can silence the camera even more by removing the sound files. Login through some kind of shell and type:

mount /system -o remount,rw
cd /system/media/audio/ui
mv Shutter_01.ogg Shutter_01.ogg-original
mv camera_click.ogg camera_click.ogg-original
mv camera_click_short.ogg camera_click_short.ogg-original
cd /
mount /system -o remount,ro

On my phone, the camera used to do a focus-beep, followed by a shutter-click. I got it to shut up the shutter, but I couldn't disable the focus. So if I really don't want the subject of the photo to hear me, I'll just turn down the volume.

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