PCL to PDF conversion on CentOS 5.5

yum -y install libXt-devel libXext libXext-devel gcc
cd /usr/src
wget http://mirror.cs.wisc.edu/pub/mirrors/ghost/GPL/ghostpdl/ghostpdl-8.71.tar.bz2 http://mirror.cs.wisc.edu/pub/mirrors/ghost/AFPL/GhostPCL/urwfonts-8.71.tar.bz2
for i in ghostpdl* urwfonts* ; do otar jxvf $i;done
mkdir -p /usr/share/ghostpdl/fonts
mv urwfonts-8.7.1/*.ttf /usr/share/ghostpdl/fonts
cd ghostpdl-8.71
sed -i "s|/windows/fonts/;/win95/fonts/;/winnt/fonts/|/usr/share/ghostpdl/fonts|g" pl/pjparse.c

It's all pretty much the default stuff, except for the required libs and the fonts. If you don't have the -devel packages, you get weird errors while compiling that don't show exactly what is missing.

To generate A4 output, add @PJL SET PAPER=A4 to the pcl input file.

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3 gedachten over “PCL to PDF conversion on CentOS 5.5

  1. Cristian Guerrero


    Hello, my name is Cristian Guerrero Rojas. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I write to you for one purpose: to say thank you for this page. It is such a useful page that it helped me a lot for my job.

    I'm very grateful. Thanks a lot. And congratulations, because it was easy to folow the steps you wrote.

    Thanks again,


  2. David (admin) Bericht auteur

    Hi Christian,
    Thanks for your message. I'm glad my post was useful to you! :-)


  3. Dave Madsen

    This was just wonderful. I was trying to compile this on Ubuntu 10.10 and was having problems. I found this and was able to hack it a bit and get everything working.

    You saved me a LOT of time trying to track down header files!

    Have you considered telling Artifex about this?

    Again -- you've saved me a lot of time and frustration -- THANK YOU.


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