WordPress spam filtering: improved.

On this WordPress blog, I'm running the WP Hashcash plugin to prevent spam. Recently, I've seen a lot more spam, I guess spambots now recognise WPHC encryption.

WPHC encryption could be upgraded to withstand spam again. But new bots will break new encryption. The biggest problem is that all blogs using WPHC use the same javascript to decode the key. If only you could be a liiiiittle different from other blogs, standard bots wouldn't have a chance.

My solution is to include a few filters in WPHC. This allows for weblog owners to write a tiny plugin to have slightly different antispam than other weblogs. For instance, at this moment, my extension is as simple as:

Plugin Name: WPHC Extension
Plugin URI: https://www.geeklab.info/2010/04/wordpress-spam-filtering/
Author: GeekLab.info
Version: 1.0
Author URI: https://www.geeklab.info
License: GPL
function wphc_jskey_ext($js){
for($i = 0; $i < count($js); $i++)
return $js;
function wphc_getjs_ext($in){
return preg_replace(';//WPHC2;','wphc_data[i]=wphc_data[i]+1;',$in);
add_filter('wphc_jskey', 'wphc_jskey_ext');
add_filter('wphc_getjs', 'wphc_getjs_ext');

You may use substraction, addition, xor, byte-swapping or any other method you like to improve security. The security is not so much what is done to the key, but that the routine is slightly different from other blogs.

Changes to WP Hashcash required for this to work:
Patch file (only changes)
Whole file

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